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Wired In for Safety

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“Ignorance may or may not be bliss, but one thing is certain:  it is very profitable.”

Yet another article about the damaging effects of electropollution this time in the CCPA Monitor.

A few things I hadn’t heard before or need reminding of:

The U.S. Navy did over 2,000 studies on the health effects from microwave radiation back in the 1970s.  Microwave technology was part of the military arsenal intended to inflict bodily harm.

The German Military University developed EMF protection standards for civilian building codes.

Collingwood is fighting WiFi in the schools.  It’s slower than landline transmitted connections, and they site a 40% increase in cardiac arrest in children under 13 directly related to this type of radiation.

The EU’s report on EMFs called on all member states to take precautionary action.  They’re now discussing outlawing the use of cell-phones for children under 18.

Canadian standards have a maximum safety level set at 100 times higher than some European countries (meaning, we are allowed to get 100 times the radiation that Europeans get).

In Canada, the 2007 Human Rights Commission report on Environmental Illness specifically included harm from EMF radiation as being real and requiring accommodation.

Nobody believes it, but if it’s true, we’re in a bit of a pickle here!  Better safe than sorry.  Just sayin’.





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