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A Brief Introduction

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I’m teaching a new course next year called Futures Forum.  Students will all have access to computers, and will be expected to communicate on-line with one another and with similar classes in a dozen schools around the region.  This is my attempt at learning the technology enough to be able to teach students how to set themselves up on wordpress, twitter, etc.

I love reading blogs, so I love that students will write blog-posts on their own blogs instead of journals on paper.  All the blogs I’ve created in the past have been with, so wordpress is new to me.  I’ve known many bloggers who have, over time, switched from blogger to wordpress because, apparently, there are many additional features.  Blogger can’t go the distance for the technical savants in the crowd.  However, for the novice, I set up my first blogger blog in about ten minutes.  This wordpress blog here took me over three cups of tea to sort out.  It might be great for the additional features, but it was a slow process to get the template the way I wanted it, and it’s still not quite right.

My other public blog is mainly about the environment.   This one, I think, will be mainly about education.  But of course I’ll likely be all over the place on both.  Hey, I added a link and an image!